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Helping Australians for OVER 45 YEARS......

We invented & developed "Mane" Hair Thickening Spray in 1970 and were the first to patent it in 1974.  Since then, there has been a steady stream of new products come to market and a lot of speculation and scepticism regarding 'Hair Loss Cures' and it still continues today.  Whilst different products and procedures appeal and suit different people, Mane Hair Thickening Spray is simply an amazing and cosmetically brilliant product that helps both men and women look their best. 

You can apply it easily and effectively in seconds and it gives your hair that THICKER, FULLER, HEALTHIER look.  Plus, it's perfect for everybody whether you are looking to boost your confidence, suffer from conditions such as Alopecia or just not happy with the current condition of your hair.

It's also widely used by Hair Transplant patients, particularly during the 'Anagen' or growth stage.

In 2017, we took the step of moving away from the name MANE and rebranded ourselves as The Original Mane.  Make no mistake, The Original Mane is and has always been AUSTRALIAN MADE! It's the very same Mane that has helped thousands of Australians, taken the world by storm and spawned so many copycats we don't bother counting them any more!

We've been helping thousands of Australians, both men and women, to look their best for over 45 years.  We are family owned and we manufacture all our products. That's why we know the original Mane is fantastic, safe, easy to use and the BEST PRODUCT ON THE MARKET!

Mane has proven itself in the market place under all sorts of conditions. Its credibility and public acceptance is directly related to its cosmetic ability to easily, safely and effectively restore appearance and confidence in seconds. Mane is organic and has no adverse effect on normal hair growth or has any known medical side effects; a fact proven from a very long market usage by thousands of users of all types, age and gender.

Today we market our products directly through the internet and through a network of agents, resellers and distributors Australia wide. We are The Original Mane. Est in 1970, we assisted in the development (but no longer responsible for) Mane in the UK, GLH #9 in the USA and countless other copycats worldwide. Unless directly associated with The Original Mane name, and claim as such, the other products and companies have no affiliation with The Original Mane and its products in any way. Not sure which is which? Click the contact page [HERE] and let us assist you.

The Original Mane cannot comment on other Mane products and no responsibility is assumed regarding the usage and quality of any such products or dealing with associated companies.